MDStressLab – Computing Stress Fields in Atomistic Simulations

MDStressLab is a program for computing stress fields from the results of molecular statics and molecular dynamics simulations.


MDStressLab code is distributed under the CDDL open source license.

System Requirements

MDStressLab has the following requirements:


The available versions of MDStressLab are listed below:

Version Release Date Required KIM API Version Tarball
1.2.0 01-Aug-2017 1.7.3 MDStressLab_v1.2.0.tgz (gzipped tarball)
1.1.0 06-Jul-2016 1.7.1 MDStressLab_v1.1.0.tgz (gzipped tarball)
1.0.0 21-May-2015 1.7.1 MDStressLab_v1.0.0.tgz (gzipped tarball)

After you download the tarball, cd to the directory where you want to install MDStressLab and place the tarball there. Then do the following:

% tar zxvf MDStressLab_vX.X.X.tgz
% cd MDStressLab

Read the README file in this directory and follow the instructions to compile and run MDStresLab. You should also read the MDStressLab User Manual for the version of the code you downloaded included in the docs directory.