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AEM Alumnus named AFRL Fellow

Dr. Ajit Roy earned his Masters and PhD degrees from AEM in 1983 and 1985 and was recently elected an Air Force Science and Technology Fellow (AFRL). The AFRL Fellows award, which was established in 1987, recognizes the most outstanding scientists and engineers in the areas of research achievements, technology development and transition achievements, and program and organizational leadership. Individuals selected for this honor represent the top 0.2% of AFRL’s professional technical staff and join an elite professional cadre. The six fellows awarded this year brings the total number of awardees since 1987 to 191.

Dr. Roy is internationally recognized in the aerospace science community for his exceptional scientific contributions and leadership in research and development of structural, thermal, and electronic properties of carbon materials. Some achievements include pioneering the development of carbon foam technology and maturing it to establish the manufacturing technology base of 11 manufacturers, assisting in transferring the technology to XSS-11, XSAS 11, and Autonomous Nanosat Guardian for Evaluating Local Space satellites and heat exchangers in Boeing 787-9 aircraft. He also recently connected the physics of the atomistic scale multi-phase material response to bulk performance, greatly reducing empiricism in materials design, thus enabling innovation, development, and accelerated tech transition of tailored materials functionalities.

Currently, he serves as the Principal Engineer and Group Lead for Computational Nanomaterials in the Nano electric Materials Branch of the Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, and has a total of 30 years’ experience in AFRL.

The department congratulates him for his recent accomplishments, and wishes him the best of luck as he continues his research. More information on the fellowship here.


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