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Adam Thoreen Visits AEM Department to give Career Presentation

UMN graduate Adam Thoreen visited the students in the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department on October 11 and 12. Thoreen met specifically with the students on the Senior Design Boeing Team on October 11 and did an aerospace career presentation to the entire senior design class on October 12.

During his talk, Thoreen was able to give the students valuable advice from how they should be preparing for their future careers now, to what a typical day at work might look like when they are in the field.

Thoreen also explained some of the hardships or the most challenging parts of his career which include not getting to see all of the projects finished and the slow paced environment of the office.

After earning his master’s in project management, Adam Thoreen became Manager of Flight Crew Operations and Flight Deck Engineering at the Boeing Company. In that role he is currently leading a team developing the flight deck design for the next generation mid-size transport. Before that, Thoreen was an engineer at Boeing for over 10 years working on a variety of projects including the flight deck for the 787 and 777-X aircraft.

(Adam Thoreen with the senior design boeing team- from left to right, Marwin Albadi, Hudson Kraft, Kellen Garrett, Alessio Gardi, Adam Thoreen, Kory Soukup, Grace Reimer, and Stephen Marker. Team member Lorretta Onchiri not pictured.)



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