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Professor Filippo Coletti to speak at CSE's Curiosity Drives Progress Lecture Series

CSE Lecture Coletti

The College of Science and Engineering’s (CSE) is changing up its annual public lecture and will be introducing the Curiosity Drives Progress Lecture Series. This series will feature three of CSE’s top faculty members and will be given in a TED-style talk about their key research areas. AEM’s Professor Filippo Coletti will be part of the first lecture series, Advancing Human Health.

Coletti’s talk will be about his research in fluid mechanics as applied to predicting a person’s likelihood of developing a lung disease. ┬áHe says, “Respiratory disease is a killer that takes 10 million victims worldwide every year. Clinical trials for new aerosol drugs require thousands of subjects and hundreds of millions of dollars. We are discovering novel ways of fighting this battle, using engineering principles, medical imaging, and 3D printing. Our goal is to predict a person's likelihood of developing lung disease, which is a key step to prevent it.”

For more information about the lecture series, click here.

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