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Akerman Hangar Dedicated as
Gary J. Balas Atrium

On April 24, 2015, the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics held a dedication ceremony for the Akerman Hangar, renaming it the Gary J. Balas Atrium.

Professor Gary Balas was a faculty member in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from 1990-2014. He was an international leader in the field of experimental and theoretical control systems, a Distinguished McKnight University Professor, and served as the AEM Department Head for eight years. He also served as Director of Graduate Studies and Co-Director of the Control Science and Dynamical Systems Program.

Professor Balas passed away in November 2014. As a tribute to his service as an outstanding teacher, mentor, researcher, and leader, the AEM department dedicated the Akerman Hangar in his honor.

The dedication ceremony took place in the Gary J. Balas Atrium, where AEM Department Head Perry Leo gave a speech and unveiled a new plaque honoring Professor Balas. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, friends, and family attended the event. A reception was held after the ceremony and guests were encouraged to share memories of Professor Balas in celebration.

Dedication Ceremony Album

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