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AEM Graduate, Mary Houston, Receives Akerman Fellowship


AEM graduate student, Mary Houston is a recipient of the 2018-2019 John D. Akerman Fellowship. Mary has been working with Professor Joseph Nichols on a project in collaboration with Saint Anthony Falls Laboratory using adaptive mesh refinement and immersed boundary methods to build super large scale rough surface boundary layer simulations. She was able to present the methods at APS DFD in Atlanta. “Though I just began as a graduate student, I have been working with Professor Nichols for over a year. Before beginning my current project, we worked on building LES models to capture the acoustics of dual high speed impinging jets, comparing with experimental measurements I took at Florida State University over the summer of 2017 on a National Science Foundation Research experience for an undergraduate fellowship (NSF-REU fellowship). I’ve enjoyed the research I’ve done so far because I feel as though I’m discovering new aspects of fluid physics. Before moving to Minnesota to study engineering, I completed a double major in Physics and Economics at the University of Winnipeg and so appreciate the intrinsic value of discovery. I don’t have a specific plan in mind for my future but I have a strong sense it will be in research or academia.”

The department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics congratulates Mary on her fellowship scholarship and looks forward to her future work.
Velocity of flow over surface with pyramid roughness
Dual impinging jets



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