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Michael Kroells Recieves One-year CSE Fellowship Award

Michael Kroells

Michael Kroells, Ph.D. candidate, was awarded a one-year College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Fellowship Award from the University of Minnesota. This award is given to outstanding graduate students to encourage the continuation of their education and research.

Kroells received his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. He was also wrestled for the Gophers and was an All-American, one of the top 8 competitors at the NCAA Wrestling Championships, 3 times during his undergraduate career.  

A native of Minnesota, Kroells decided to continue his education with the AEM department because he was familiar with the atmosphere and the faculty. AEM is a modest sized department with notable faculty who are the best in their specialties. This combination ideal for Kroells in continuing his education while remaining in his home state.

Kroells is currently researching hypersonic computational methods. "Specifically, I am looking into using direct simulation Monte Cartlo (DSMC) to verify computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in rarefied regions of the flow.”

Right now, Kroells goals for the future are not quite decided. He would like the opportunity to spend some times working outside of the realms of academia.

The Department wished Michael the best of luck as he continues to pursue his Ph. D.

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