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Undergraduate Students Receive Scholarships


24 dedicated undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota have received 14 BAEM scholarships for 2018-2019 to help them with their academic pursuits. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $2,500, and this support allows students to continue their academic studies worrying less about financial burden. Every year, these scholarships are awarded to full-time, upper division students in the BAEM program. Students are not required to apply for these scholarships, but rather recipients are selected by the AEM Awards Committee every fall semester. The AEM Awards committee evaluated selected students based on financial need, academic merit, and involvement in extracurricular activities. The students and scholarships awarded are listed below.

Chester Gaskell Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship:

  • James Tait
  • Ryan Ichinose
  • Connor Keech

Richard and Shirley DeLeo Scholarship and Engineering Fund:

  • Jermaine Smith
  • Jeremy Anderson

Boeing Scholarships:

  • Emma Krieg
  • Jacob Meiners

The Eric W. Harslem Scholarship for Aerospace Engineering:

  • Alessio Gardi

Robert H. and Marjorie F. Jewett Fund Scholarship:

  • Ryan Bowers
  • Curtis Zicker
  • Vinh Nguyen

Rose Minkin Aerospace Engineering Scholarship:

  • Nathan Noma
  • Lin Huynh
  • Sophia Vedvik

John and Robert McCollom Memorial Scholarship:

  • Joel Krieger
  • Nikolas Pardoe

AEM Program Initiatives Fund:

  • Anna Bialke
  • Gabriel Sanchez

Louis R. and Dona S. Wagner Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Scholarship:

  • Isaiah Patton

Richard G. Brasket AEM Scholarship:

  • Noah Storm
  • Lincoln Priebe

Lawrence E. Goodman Scholarship/Fellowship:

  • Vinh Nguyen

Richard D. and Wyona R. Bartsch AEM Scholarship:

  • Samuel Somrock

Clausen Scholarship:

  • Megan Ball

CSE Oswald Award:

  • Ricardo Saborio



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