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James' group uses mathematical ideas to discover new materials and structures. We seek the fundamental causes of the unique behavior of functional materials, with a special focus on phase transformation, magnetism, ferroelectricity, shape memory and light-matter interaction. To construct predictive theory, we use a variety of tools from nonlinear analysis, the calculus of variations, partial differential equations and group theory, and we invent simulation tools for the theory we create. We make materials in our laboratory and study them using both local and major national characterization facilities. Our ultimate measure of success is to put a spectacular new theory-designed material on the table. Please visit our Research Section for more information.

International Collaborations

1. University of Kiel, Germany, Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt, "Reinhart Koselleck Project on Crystallographically Compatible Ceramic Shape Memory Materials". Also, joint UMN/Kiel "Materials for Brain" project (DFG)

2. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Prof. Xian Sherry Chen, "Highly reversible shape memory alloys"

3. University of Oslo and SINTEF, Prof. Ole Martin Løvvik, "Conversion between Magnetic, Electric, and Thermal energies in phase change materials (COMET)"

4. Institute of Thermomechanics, Prague, Czech Repbulic, Prof. Hanus Seiner, former Fulbright Fellow in AEM, "High mobility and micromechanics of macro-twin interfaces in modulated martensites"

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