Professor Tadmor's research focuses on understanding materials and nanosystems from fundamental principles. He studies microscopic processes that lead to macroscopic phenomena such as fracture and plasticity using continuum, atomistic and multiscale techniques. This includes the development of new theoretical and computational methods, as well as applications to problems of interest, such as two-dimensional (2D) materials. He is also interested, on a more basic level, in the connection between continuum theory and atomistic models using ideas from statistical mechanics. See the Research menu item for current research topics.


07-Apr-2020 Prof. Tadmor will be giving a College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Public Lecture at the University of Minnesota on "Can Truth Save Democracy? We're Trying in Science Court." For more information, see the CSE Public Lecture website.
10-Jan-2020 Congratulations! to Jiadi Fan for successfully defending his PhD thesis on "Atomistically-Informed Finite Element Simulations of Phase Transformations and Fracture in Materials." Dr. Fan is headed to 3M for an industry position.
19-Dec-2019 In Fall 2019, Prof. Tadmor taught an Honors Seminar (HSEM 3511H) "Science Court: Strengthening Democracy through Rational Discourse". Students taking the class pick a controversial topic, research the facts, and then argue it in front of a citizen jury in a mock trial format. The objective is to get our polarized society to think rationally about divisive topics. The course will be offered again in Spring 2021. For more details, see the Science Court website.
30-Jul-2019 Prof. Tadmor will be giving a semi-plenary talk on "Moiré Mechanics in 2D Materials" at the 15th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM15) in Austin, Texas.
26-Jun-2019 Congratulations! to Mingjian Wen for successfully defending his PhD thesis on "Development of Interatomic Potentials with Uncertainty Quantification Ability: Applications to Two-dimensional Materials." Dr. Wen is headed to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California for a postdoctoral fellowship.